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  • May 30, 2019
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Dressed in a cloth as tattered as a rag, she chants’ the adhkaar silently
On a mat, she sat with a child on her laps so feeble and thin
Under the sun scorching like a fire withdrawn from a furnace
Her sweat trickles down her lonely face and shabby face.

With a sad and miserable look, she begs from the careless crowd
She sang in a peaceful melodious voice and cries aloud to be heard
Upon her face on the wealthy, she runs in haste, tucking with
Her is a young lad lying on her arms as she raises her voice and ran.

Upon riches she saw, clinging miserably at people she begs for
Charity to fend and to be fended for, as she points to a stricken mat
A symbol of suffering, an abode to their precious innocent self.
Where hath thou hope for a woman who is in dire need of a charity?
To cater for both herself and the well-being of her stricken child!

She begs with a child for charity, for she believes ask and you shall surely
Be given was an act of charity. O ye who believe and give to those in need.
And let the spirit of joy shower upon their face and be kind to them
For this is an act of charity to mankind of which they must fulfill.
An act of charity a day puts a quantity of over- joyed smile to the weakened heart.

By Raihanah bint Abdul-hakeem

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